Utility Engineers

OBES has 30 years of experience in Utility Engineering, helping agencies and utility owners coordinate with utilities during project development. Successful utility coordination is not merely moving the utilities but most often entails working with project owners, the design team, utility owners, and other project stakeholders. We engineer effective solutions to mitigate utility conflicts that minimize impacts to project costs and schedules. OBES coordinates utilities through the TxDOT and FHWA Utility Accommodation Procedures.

OBES Utility Engineering services include developing designs and plans for utility adjustments, including joint bid adjustments. Our projects include water, waste water, natural gas systems, telephone, cable television and other utility types. Our utility engineers have designed and planned more than 100,000LF of adjustments to existing utilities to facilitate proposed infrastructure improvements.

OBES utility coordination and engineering services include:

  • Utility identification and mapping
  • Utility Tracking Report (UTR)
  • Conflict identification
  • Mitigation concept development and resolution
  • Opinions of Probable Cost
  • Agency agreements and permitting
  • Utility design and plan development
  • Traffic Control and phasing
  • Construction administration and verification
  • Plans of Record